Connecting Arduino with Android using Bluetooth


Being able to communicate between a mobile phone and Arduino opens up a whole new array of projects. Using a Bluetooth module and an Android phone you can easily setup a working communication link. This tutorial explains how to setup this communication and change the blinking speed of a LED.

Figure 1: The set up.
Table 2: Components used
Component Quantity Ebay(Affiliate link)
Arduino Uno or Nano 1
Bluetooth RF transceiver HC-06 1
330 Ω resistor 1


The example consists of a circuit with a LED, Bluetooth module and Arduino. The goal will be to control the delay between blinks of the LED from an Android application. The app is free and can be downloaded from Google play(BlueArduino). To get everything connected correctly please view figure 2. The Arduino sketch is attached below.

Figure 2: How to set up Arduino with Bluetooth module and led

To run the example load the sketch and download the android app. The Arduino will listen to all incoming serial communication, open the serial monitor to see the information received. When the user sends a message beginning with ‘#’ the Arduino will trigger and read the value following it.

Example: Tell the arduino to delay LED 100ms : Type: “#100” then hit send.

Android application

The android application is free and really simple to use. Download it directly to your mobile phone from Google play(BlueArduino).

Figure 3: BlueArduino logo
Figure 4: In-app screenshot

Arduino sketch

Download blueArduino.ino